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Caption for Clifton Hampden, The Barley Mow Inn 1890: Standing on the east bank of the Thames, below the bridge, this medieval inn is noted for its cruck construction – note the large curved timbers in the gable wall – and for the fact that Jerome K Jerome commends the inn in 'Three Men in a Boat'. The timbers are now painted black rather that being (correctly) limewashed as in this view. A house now stands behind.

Memories of Clifton Hampden, the Barley Mow Inn 1890

This was my grandfathers favourite inn at the time the photograph was taken. He was coachman at the Manor House at Long Wittenham a short walk along the 'Maddy' (a road from the inn to Long Wittenham following the river and very prone to flooding). Its a family story that he would often spend too long here and (...Read full memory)

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