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Memories of Clovelly

This is my Uncle and Aunt and cousin Arthur, outside their cottage no. 32 North Hill in Clovelly village. They lived there for many years and took in many many people for B&B, people from all over the world came back time after time to stay with them. I remember at Christmas (...Read full memory)

[This photo shows Arthur Shackson with the donkeys in Clovelly - identified by Mr Graham Shackson in a comment on this 'memory'. Arthur Shackson was for many years porter for the New Inn Hotel in the village. Fred Cole did have his own donkeys for several years carrying the visitors up (...Read full memory)

This photo shows my uncle Arthur ( Shackson ) with Kiwi the New Inn donkey having his taste of beer. The other person is Alfie Lamey the barman at the New Inn for many years and the son of the Coxwain of Clovelly Lifeboat.

This photo shows the arrival of Royal Mail being deliverd to the Post Office at Higher Clovelly. The mail for Clovelly village was then loaded on to the donkey and taken down the steep cobbled street to the Post Office in the village where it was delivered by the postman. The Royal Mail employees in (...Read full memory)

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