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Around Glasgow Photographic Memories

Around Glasgow Photographic Memories

The photo 'Clydebank, Beardmore Terrace, Dumbarton Road, Dalmuir c1900' appears in this book.

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Caption for Clydebank, Beardmore Terrace, Dunbarton Road C1900: The Beardmore family were partners in the Parkhead forge and later acquired the Govan East Shipyard. The Dalmuir yard was opened in 1905 primarily to build warships, the Govan workforce transferring to the new site. The first ship to be completed was the Zaza, a private yacht for William Beardmore.

An extract from Around Glasgow Photographic Memories.

Memories of Clydebank

Top right side - corner flat. Wimpey Homes 1986 - Clydebank's Centenary year - flats collectively renamed Centenary Court

I was brought up in Top Flat, 29 Radnor Street. Last Close, Westwards. Went to Kilbowie primary school when it opened. Remember newspaper boy selling school photos as the first post-war school to be built. Also the plasticine - have a box of it in the house. Remember morning service and school dinners; (...Read full memory)

I lived in Holly Street, North Kilbowie, I was born there 1949. My gran and grampa moved into 1 Holly Street in 1939 before the Second World War. The stories they knew about the blitz were funny as well as tragic. I lost my great-grandpa, his body was recovered without a mark on him. I now move forward to 1954, the year (...Read full memory)

I lived at 27 Radnor Street, last but one tennament to be flattened. My first year of school was at the "new high school", on Bouquanaran; 10 class rooms open, we had to scramble among the bricks to get to class. Then I went to Radnor new primary school, next I went to the old high school down in Clydebank, outside toilets (...Read full memory)

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