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Caption for Cockermouth, Castle 1906: Built in the mid-13th century by William de Fortibus, Cockermouth's defences were enhanced on three sides by its location at the junction of two rivers. A barbican provided additional defences to the outer gatehouse on the east side, and the inner and outer wards were divided by a ditch, wall, and inner gatehouse equipped with a drawbridge. The castle was besieged by the Earls of Douglas and Fife in 1387 when they captured the town. In September 1645 the Scots considered stationing troops here, and the castle was in fact besieged by the Royalists between August and September 1648.

Memories of Cockermouth

I was born in Bridge Street and went to Fairfield School, or "Fairfield Junior Mixed" as it was called when it became Co-Ed in about 1948. I remember the whole class having to walk up to Harris Park and stand round the fountain shown in the picture. Unfortunately we had to hold a daffodil during (...Read full memory)

In 1953 I was a boy scout with St Patrick's 17th Widnes troop when we had our annual camp in The Lake District. I remember getting off the steam train at Windermere station where there was an old single decker bus waiting for us to take us on to our destination, after loading all our kit the bus set off and chugged (...Read full memory)

I have found a photo of Eskett Farm, Cockermouth, going back to a great auntie, Janie Gaskell. I don't know if she owned the farm or rented it, I know that she would send goodies down to Surrey at Christmas time. Is the farm still in place or gone?

The buildings in front of the Castle are part of the famous Jennings brewery, built in 1887 and still thriving, albeit no longer independent, but part of the Marstons empire.

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