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The Dingle was indeed a magical place and as a child on holiday in the 1950's, I always chose to go to the beach via The Dingle. I have a photograph of myself and my brother taken by the drinking fountain that was just where the Dingle meets the promenade. I believe it was over the Dingle stream and was (...Read full memory)

I was born in groes rd. and lived there with my mum and Nain and Taid. The park was wonderfull. Playing tennis golf ,sailing my yacht the swings the boating lake and wonderfull fireworks on 5 th nov. when the finale was a waterfall into the lake and a swan gliding across the lake. On the prom there was the electric (...Read full memory)

To Norma Singleton. There is a terrace of houses between Llanddulas & Llysfaen (2 miles from Colwyn Bay) with a terrace called Tyn y Maes. My Nain & Taid lived there before moving to Llysfaen village. I live in Llysfaen & went to Pendorlan Secondary Modern school in Colwyn Bay from 1962, it then changed to a (...Read full memory)

I went to Colwyn Bay with a girl friend and we stayed at 'Tyn-y-maes' (sorry can't remember how to spell it). I met my husband on that holiday when we were only in our early teens. We were friends on and off for several years and finally got together again and married in 1961. We were there last year and tried to find the place but told it has long since gone. Ah, memories!

Does anyone remember the stuff that went on along the prom in the summer months, like the 'Well's Fargo train' that ran from Eirias park to old Colwyn, the small steam train which ran from the bottom of Eirias park to the pier along the railway embankment, the chalets, the 'bikes' which could be rented amongst others?

I lived in Mochdre, and went to the grammar school, 1955-1962. Getting off the bus at the station we would walk along the prom, skipping stones in the sea, or dodging the waves during stormy high tides. Then we would walk to the school through Eirias Park. One morning I fell into the sea, and had to spend the (...Read full memory)

My late father was born in Colwyn Bay and his father and some of his relatives resided in Grove Park.  Every year my parents and my siblings had to visit the relatives, especially one we called Aunty Polly who I think was really called Mary but because she was always polishing and cleaning, my mother referred to her (...Read full memory)

I lived in Colwyn Bay as a child and have fond memories of The Dingle. It seemed like a magical place to a young child. Over the brook, which runs through The Dingle, there was a little bridge which led to a fortune teller's "cottage". I remember my mother paying her a visit when she was pregnant with my brother and as is so (...Read full memory)

1960. As young lads most of us had started work and Friday/ Saturday night was our gang meeting night. Summer hols were good fun as the bay used to get a lot of girls, swap girls as we called them, on holiday from Sweden, the swap was a girl from the bay area would exchange family in Sweden and vice versa, but it was our (...Read full memory)

For many years, Colwyn Bay U.D.C. ran a bus service along the promenade from Old Colwyn to just beyond the former pier at Rhos on Sea. Commencing in 1926, a small fleet of 5 'Guy' BB type vehicles with covered top 'toastrack' bodies ran in service during the late spring to early autumn tourist season. (...Read full memory)