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Devon Churches Photographic Memories

Devon Churches Photographic Memories

The photo 'Colyton, St Andrew's Church 1907' appears in this book.

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There is thought to have been a Saxon church on this site before AD700, and the Norman structure, dedicated to St Andrew, is built on Saxon foundations. The unusual octagonal lantern was installed in the 15th century when Colyton was one of the three richest wool towns in Devon. The clock was made in 1710 by Lewis Pridham of Crediton. The north aisle was enlarged in 1888.

An extract from Devon Churches Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from Colyton

I was born in Woodbine House at the bottom of your 1907 Market Square picture on the left-hand side, just in front of the post office/newsagent as it became.You have a picture of a window cleaner also in 1907 and that is the shop I am talking about. My grandfather owned both premises and had moved some wives of his sons to Devon during the war, when the boys (my uncles) had all joined the RAF. My family ...see more

My Uncle Henry Haskell Hooper, owned Ivy House, East Street, the adjoining premises was his shop and yard. He was the local painter and decorator. I was born in Ivy House December 2nd 1940. My mother was the sister of Lillian Hooper (Nee Cooper) David Broughton

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