Memories of Congleton

During the 1960's and 70's l would walk down the old back lane from Buglawton to Havannah village. with my sisters and friend Caroline Beard. we would go to the house at the far end on this photo, where an old lady had a few groceries for sale, along with some sweeties. At this end of the photo there is abridge over the (...Read full memory)

US army military police stationed on bridge during WW2

We used to come over from Conisbrough near Doncaster with my mam and dad, Raymond Dawson, who came from Buglawton, William Street if I remember, and every year we would watch the carnival and also walk up The Cloud. Does anyone remember my late father, Raymond Dawson, he was a keen cyclist, he joined the RAF and ended up at (...Read full memory)

I have lovely memories of playing in the park during summer and winter, the big high slide was like no other, I remember picking blue bells in the woods, there were hundreds of them, and in winter we used to slide down the bank on 'Hankies' field in the deep snow, I think there was also a little pond in the park with goldfish in. Happy Days!!

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