Old Maps of Cononley

Historic Maps of Cononley and the local area.

Memories of Cononley

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I used to live in the shop on the bridge in Cononley, my parents were the owners. What happy times they were, so carefree. The highlight of the year was the Gala. I once went as a golliwog (blonde frizzy hair). I borrowed the black tails from Mr Green who lived next door. Then the racing on the football field. Many happy (...Read full memory)

I lived in New Mill, but I thought it was Cononley. I went to school there and had some wonderful years charging around the village, this is going back from 1947 to1963, when I got married. I then left to live in Scotland until 1967, when I came to Canada. I still come back to Cononley, when I come over. I won the cup at the (...Read full memory)