Old Maps of Copthorne

Historic Maps of Copthorne and the local area.

Came across this picture of the Franscican convent. I went there as a boarder as a 4 year old and still shudder at the awful memories I had. Brutal nuns, punishments with a bamboo cane. Hanging out wet sheets on cold mornings. Forced fed greens and cabbage, no hugs whatsoever. Nasty place with nasty memories. Nasty nuns with (...Read full memory)

I was at Copthorne convent from 69-74.... This was a very special place and I remember it like yesterday... The girls and boys there were equally like brothers and sisters.. I still remember how gutted i was when i left....I remember walking up the drive after summer hols into the amazingly neat gardens being greeted (...Read full memory)