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This view shows the newly built school on a vast site between Glastonbury Road and Farmstead Road. When it became a comprehensive, its name was changed to Beanfield School; it flourished until 1999, whereupon it was closed and subsequently merged with Queen Elizabeth School in the town centre to form Corby Community College. The buildings were demolished in 2002.

Other Memories from Corby

i was a bus conductor from 1969 untill 1976 i first lived in selby walk and from 1971 in arundel walk i was married to tina and we had two chrildren a girl kim who died at 7months and a boy trevor who we lost when he was four months old a year later

This is me on my lunch break from Midland Bank in Spencer Court. I am the tallest of the three people next to the lamppost. Lunch at the Crows nest or the upstairs cafe on Corporation Street near to Woolworths.

I started here in 1971, we were in the technology block, Windsor house. I remember in the 3rd year my form teacher Mr Phillips ran away with one of the pupils and it made the Sunday papers. Mr Webb then took over. I left in 1977 and joined the Army and travelled the world. I have many fond memories of Corby. I had a different name back then that everyone took the rise out of, I wonder if anyone remembers ...see more

When I passed my 11+ in 1954 our class was sent to either Kettering Grammar School (for boys) or Kettering High School (for girls). That building in Bowling Green Road is now Kettering Borough Council's offices. There was great emphasis on 'deportment' at the school and if you walked correctly and carried yourself well you were given a red sash to wear as an example to all the other girls. I didn't like ...see more

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