Old Maps of Cove

Historic Maps of Cove and the local area.

I was brought up on Minley Estate on Twelve Acre Crescent. My dad worked at the RAE as I would think did many. Just read memories of Cove. Munday's the sweet shop.The butcher's was Harris and Webb. I remember the sawdust and the lady cashier behind an ornate cash register. There was Elite Fisheries chip shop further down. Going to The (...Read full memory)

I was born in Farnborough and lived in Pinehurst Cottages until the age of six. My father, Charles Dunbar was an engineer at The Royal Aircraft Establishment. Later we moved to 166 Keith Lucas Road and later to 16 Fowler Road in Cove. I went to Fernhill school. I remember the air show each September and the crashes that (...Read full memory)