Old Maps of Cove

Historic Maps of Cove and the local area.

I used to live in No 55 Cody Road in the prefabs, from 1948 until 1959. I returned last year (2009), I found the road our prefab was on the corner of Cody Road and Brookhouse Road. I remember we had a large area of grass in front of us with a big green electricity box. The one thing that sticks in my memory was the time we (...Read full memory)

Cove was a special place, a place where I was born, at 11 Sydney Smith Close...now stands Beverly Crec.... My grandad Matthew Smith lived at 39 Holly Rd, and worked on the railway as a plate layer. Growing up we lived in Hazel Avenue, and I spent all of my childhood on Eelmoor Farm, with Uncle Eddy Arrow. It was a great time (...Read full memory)