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Memories of Cranleigh

My father was part of the family business, H Freemantle and Sons, who were coal merchants for many years in Cranleigh. During the 1950's and 60's we had our office in the Old Bank House at the entrance to the railway station. I believe it was knocked down to build Stocklands in later years. This (...Read full memory)

The old Railway Hotel previously occupied the adjacent timber-clad building to the south west of the Cranley Hotel before it closed its doors in 1910. It was then converted into 2 dwellings and a laundry in an adjoining barn. It is now 3 dwellings known as 1 (Oaklea), 2 and 3 Laundry Cottages. Early this century it (...Read full memory)

My father worked at Cranleigh Gas Works, and had been painting the gas holder, (it was painted by hand in those days), and he'd just come home for a cup of tea at breakfast time, when the doodlebug struck the holder that he'd been painting. Evidently, according to my mother, I was in my highchair having my (...Read full memory)

My brother, Tim, was a paper boy at Kagans newsagents in mid 1960's. I was 7 or 8 at the time. I helped my brother do his round one day just for the fun of it. When we got back to Kagans news agent my brother picked up his pay. Mr Kagan, not wanting to leave me out, got my brother to buy me a bar of chocolate for helping him. If I remember correctly it was a Mars bar.

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