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Fully restored after having its middle blown out as an anti-invasion measure in 1940, the pier has been returned to its true purpose of entertaining visitors. At the pier head is the Pavilion Theatre. With allowances for wars and disasters, the pier is home to the oldest end-of-the-pier summer show in England—its roots go back to 1921.

Other Memories from Cromer

In 1949 the Royal Links which had hosted Royals and the glitterati of the day was the first to fall to the contagious bout of fires which mysteriously began to sweep the area. Imagine that wonderful central staircase (with no fire doors of course) what a chimney that must have made. At some time during the night (it’s funny how things seem to start at night) with the place unoccupied and no doubt the owners ...see more

At the top right hand corner of this picture was the coastguard lookout where my father was stationed. As kids we were only allowed to swim on our own if we stayed on the beach below the lookout. I loved going to visit him "on watch" and look out of the huge tripod binoculars. I had to stand on a box to reach them.

This image was shot by my great-great grandfather JJ Merrett, makes me proud to know that his work is still being sold. Even more so to know that he shot a subject we can now no longer go and see as it fell into the sea around 1913.

Just to record a letter I have by Henry Wood, of the Promenade Concerts, London. Henry Wood married Princess Olga Oorousoff in July 1898 and honeymooned in Braemar for some 6 weeks. On his return they must have stayed in the Marlborough Private Hotel, Cromer, for the letter has this address, dated August 20th. '98, stating that he was still on his honeymoon. His own arrangement of a 'Fantasia on British Sea Songs', (1905) ...see more

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