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Memories of Cromer

The hotel which features in this photo is the Metropole Hotel which was situated in Tucker Street. It had access at the rear leading down to the Promenade. Following WW2 it fell into disrepair and was demolished being replaced with a block of flats. The only physical survival is a metal gate at the east end of the (...Read full memory)

My ancestors lived in Jetty Street around 1890 and at one time had a chocolate shop at No 8. Next door at No 6 was a shoemakers, I believe (now called Jacob's Rest). The family name of my great grandmother (Emily nee Newman) and great grandfather (William Harry) was Gower. My great great grandfather, John Newman was involved (...Read full memory)

My father, Lenny Griffin, used to put these out every morning and store away in a shed at North Lodge Park every night in the summer. I used to go with him and when they got the smaller binoculars I was allowed to carry one. The big telescopes my fther used to carry one on each shoulder.

Born in 1947 in Suffield Park, as was, Cottage Hospital on Overstrand Road. Lived in Links Avenue until 1959. My memories are vast. I went to school in the centre of Cromer which is now converted to senior citizens accommodation. I have been back to Cromer two or three times, the first time after 30 years. My (...Read full memory)

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