Crossford, Waygateshaw House 1951

Photo ref: C592004

Memories of Crossford, Waygateshaw House 1951

My name is Jimmy Campbell. I purchased Waygateshaw House around 1980 when it had been destroyed by fire, and over a period of 4/5years we rebuilt it in to what is is today. We had the 27 acres of land and the gatehouse which we lived in while we rebuilt the main house. I remember we purchased the central (...Read full memory)

My father purchased Waygateshaw House, the Gatehouse, and 27 acres from Mr Campbell in 1989 for an equestrian pursuit, namely training racehorses. We were called Silverbell Racing. We had many visitors from the racing world, Red Rum stabled with us, and Johnjo O'Neil advised on the gallop construction and Ron (...Read full memory)

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