Cullercoats, The Beach c.1955
Photo ref: C283001
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For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Cullercoats

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Hi all, my names Albert Griffiths and I've lived on John St Cullercoats for the last 7 years, and I'm wondering if anyone has any old photos of the school that used to be on John St, the reason I'm asking is because I believe there is still a bit of the school wall existing, and its in my back yard, so that is why I feel the urge to try and find out a bit more about it, Cheers All
I lived in the war damaged Stone House, Cullercoats which was situated within 10 ft stone walled enclosed gardens, adjacent to Stone House Cottage, fishermens cottages and a big hotel facing the road down to the beach. from birth until the age of 6 (1945 - 1951). I believe this area is or was a carpark situated just across the road from the Watch Tower. Cullercoats and its surrounding area still remains one of the ...see more
We lived in 6 Promontory Terrace, which was on the border of Cullercoats and Whitley Bay, that was 1950 a time when the Fishermen's Cottages were just around the corner and we would have their Dressed Crab or the Wilecks as we called them. I was 8 year old and our favourite playground was the rocks and cliffs at Marconi Point, now gone as a Radio Station but those fond memories of a carefree youth, with the ...see more
I too lived in Simpson Street No 37 it has been knocked down now but my Godmother Gladys Harrison still lives there on the opposite side of the road I also went to Cullercoats school I have very fond memories of the village my grandparents were Ernie and Lizzie Gill ( nee Jefferson ) John Wheatley 's chip shop was just opposite us in the back lane and the coal mans horse was next door . I can remember running up ...see more