Memories of Dagenham, c1950

My Mum, Valerie Sands married my Dad, Frank Lyall, in this church in 1953. When they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary they made a lovely album each for us 3 children of their childhood, marriage and up to 2003. A sketched copy of this church made up the front cover. I don't remember going to Dagenham when we (...Read full memory)

I got married in 1968 at The Old Dagenham Church as it was known, although I believe its correct title to be St Peters and Pauls. (Correct me if I am wrong.) The marriage did not last, but I have 3 wonderful children and 2 fabulous grandsons and a new grandchild on the way. The pub opposite the church is the Cross Keys, (...Read full memory)

I was christened in this lovely old church. My mum and dad were married there. It was such a lovely little village - good memories.

Would this be the same church where my Dagenham ancestors were baptised, married and buried between 1850s & 1920s or was there an earlier church? Is the church graveyard still there or was it relocated? It's my dream to visit someday ... even if the village is no more (so sad). I have many family ties to the area up til (...Read full memory)

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