Dagenham, Heathway Shopping Centre 1948

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Memories of Dagenham, Heathway Shopping Centre 1948

Anybody remember Pesci the fish and chip shop near car path. You could either sit down and eat or take away.

My name was Annie Sorrell. Moved to Margery Rd in the early sixties and the gates to the park, where the swimming pool was situated, were at the bottom of our short street. Spent all day, everyday in the swimming pool during the summer school holidays with my friend Carol Holt. It had three diving boards and a spring (...Read full memory)

I grew up within a few minutes walk of this our local shopping centre.  The photo was taken outside the Fifty Shilling Tailors looking towards Dagenham Heathway Station.  Some of the shops I remember were Day's the newsagents, Meyer's the greengrocers, Gillings the fishmongers run by a pair of identical twins and Jenners (...Read full memory)

It was either a long walk or a ride on the 174 bus from Oxlow Lane shops to the Heathway. It surprises even now just what variety there was there, no need to have to travel miles to get a new shirt or the new Beatles record, all here on the Heathway. My favourite shop was Palmers which was on the far (...Read full memory)

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