Dagenham, The Ford Works c.1950

Memories of Dagenham, the Ford Works c1950

We used to live on what was called The Avenues on the Rylands estate. This was situated behind the Princess shopping parade, so called after the name of the local flea pit where all the kids went to Saturday morning pictures. It later became the Princess bowling alley. It was located on the old A13 New Rd (...Read full memory)

My family moved to Dagenham from Northampton in December 1953. My first real memory of the borough was being lost on the day we moved in, after being sent to get some milk and sugar from the local shops, which would have been in Oxlow Lane. After our new neighbours gave me directions, I somehow ended up in Reede Road, (...Read full memory)

I remember in Oxlow Lane a shop called Wrights, they sold flour from sacks on the floor, and a 'penny a lb' of broken biscuits. Also a furniture shop - can't recall the name, oh and then the launderette was opened, was that a life saver or what, no more peggy tub and washboard. My mum, worked at the Eveready battery factory, on (...Read full memory)

I remember George's second hand shop in the village, my nan would take me and my brother there for a treat that was the highlight of the week for us. Also the pie and eel shop, with the brightly coloured tiles outside on the wall. Then there was Pondfield Park, and the rubbish tip opposite, can you believe we used to love (...Read full memory)

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