Dagenham, The Grounds, Valence House c.1960

Memories of Dagenham, the Grounds, Valence House c1960

Hi I'm sorry this is not a memory but I am looking for someone called Chris he lived around defendants in the 80s long blonde curly hair had a friend called Dave with dark hair he owned a pick up truck which I believe was red, he would have been born in late 50s very early 60s I know it's a long shot but if anyone even has (...Read full memory)

I remember we use to go by Valence House and see a beautiful white swan Called "Queenie." that was in the 50's. we attended Bonham Rd school.

My grandfather, Henry Lalley, of Homestead Road was a caretaker at Valence House during the 1950's. Some days he would allow me to fish on the ponds if I behaved myself. It was fun because none of my mates could do it.

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