Dagenham, The Grounds, Valence House c.1960

Memories of Dagenham

This photograph was taken from outside the Grange Cinema. There were three cinemas in Dagenham and The Grange was the smallest. We patronised all three in turn for the Saturday Morning pictures which cost I believe 6d (2 1/2 p.). The parade of shops contained the only bank in the borough and a very busy barbers shop called (...Read full memory)

My parents and I lived in a prefab in Gale Street, Dagenham in 1953. I was only six but have vivid memories of the Coronation. My father managed to obtain a TV and all my relatives from Wales came to visit. It was probably only about 12" (with a magnifier in front to make it seem (...Read full memory)

As I recall, there were four cinemas in Dagenham; The Grange (flea pit) Chequers junction, The Gaumont Heathway, The Odeon Becontree Heath & The Princess, New Road which always seem to show `X` rated horror films and later became a bowling alley. Behind the Grange was a dance hall/club called The Borough? Does (...Read full memory)

At the far end of this parade of shops stood Ledgers the greengrocers, which was owned and run by the Ledger family for many years. I worked there on Saturdays and holidays with their eldest son Jamie; he and I did a lot of growing up together over those years! Jim, Jamie's father, had a Ford Thames van with (...Read full memory)

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