Dagenham, The Swimming Pool, Valence Park c.1960

Memories of Dagenham, the Swimming Pool, Valence Park c1960

1966 onwards are my memories of this swimming pool, we had so much fun during our 6 week break from Triptons School my three brothers and I. In fact my brother Danny was a lifeguard or at least he thought he was. It would be fantastic to hear from anyone who remembers us. Maureen Hewitt

I was bought up in Dagenham and went to Valence swimming pool regularly with my school. If you had signed up to go swimming at the start of the school year you had to go  - whatever the weather!! I always had a cup of Oxo afterwards to warm me up!!  When Dagenham indoor pool was built in the early 70's it seemed like sheer luxury!! What a shame it has become so run-down now.............

I loved Valence swimming pool, I used to have swimming lessons there with Grafton junior school and still remember how cold that water was first thing in the mornings. My father used to buy me a season ticket which cost 7shillings & 6pence  (37p) which allowed me to go swimming when ever I wanted. I was very sad (...Read full memory)

Recently visited Valance Park with my sister Sheila who is visiting from Australia. I live in Bedford, we used to live at 3 Coote Gardens. Memories of the sandpit, paddling pool, bandstand, the parky, football and Valence Park Swimming Pool - cold water temperatures, hot Oxo and a slice of bread and (...Read full memory)

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