Dagenham, Valence Avenue c.1955

Memories of Dagenham, Valence Avenue c1955

I lived at the top of Valence Avenue, which was 1.1/4 miles long. I was nearly into Chadwell Heath, but my address was Dagenham (and proud of it!) . I used to go to Lymington Road School and we went to Valence Swimming Baths for lessons, even though it was freezing cold and had to jump in! We went back recently and (...Read full memory)

In 1963 I used to have a Lambretta scooter LD 150 and at that time it was becoming very popular to get around. It was the beginning of the Mods & Rockers time, I was 19 and had just come out of the Italian suit period. I wore the Andy Cap and sat with my feet pointing out, a dash of chrome spotlights but no (...Read full memory)

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