Dagenham, Valence House c.1960

Memories of Dagenham

Yes I lived in Osborne square but went to Fanshaw Crescent school and then Parsloes.

My grandfather, Henry Lalley, of Homestead Road was a caretaker at Valence House during the 1950's. Some days he would allow me to fish on the ponds if I behaved myself. It was fun because none of my mates could do it.

My parents moved to the Becontree Estate in about 1926 and we eventually settled in Hedgemans Road overlooking the field near Talbot Road. In those days the council used to decorate a couple of rooms as well as keep the outside looking almost new and eventually they provided electricity. I can remember my (...Read full memory)

I used to go swimming at this pool with my school. The water temprature was shown as we entered and was often 36F. If it rained our weekly swimming lesson was cancelled. I never did learn to swim at this pool, as it took me most of my lesson getting used to the temperature of the water!

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