Old Maps of Danehill

Historic Maps of Danehill and the local area.

Memories of Danehill

Read and share your memories of Danehill itself or of a particular photo of Danehill.

My Mother had come from London to visit her brother (Jack Hames)  who was working at Danehill Lodge, the name 'Pepper' were the people living there at the time.  A lovely wooden gate was the entrance to the garden and house. I remember a large kitchen with a billard room somewhere near. They had a friend who had the nickname (...Read full memory)

I believe the cottage in the bottom right hand corner could be near my birthplace? If it is, it is one of two cottages on the hill leading up to the church from the village and just below the cemetary? The house belonged to my Aunt , Kate Scutt, whose husband was a tailor, by trade. (...Read full memory)