Canvas Prints

Depth and texture bring the past to life.

Create an impact with a Canvas Print of a Frith photo or map hand-made to your order. We use archival quality canvas, stretched over a solid-wood under-frame. Choose from five generous sizes, with or without a wood frame. Delivered ready to hang.

Find a Photo or a Map

It all begins with a Search! We hope you enjoy browsing though our Archive of Photos and Maps.

Canvas Prints (unframed)

Your chosen photo or map is printed on archival quality canvas. The photo or map title is discretely printed along the side edge of the wrapped canvas.

The canvas edges are then wrapped and sealed and fitted with hanging hooks. Your Canvas Print is then carefully packed so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

Available in the following generous sizes:

Overall size Image size RSP
X Large
XX Large
XXX Large
Canvases are titled along one edge.
Handmade in our Wiltshire workshop.
Canvas Prints' wonderful texture.
Delivered ready to hang.

Framed Canvas Prints

The addition of a contrasting frame around your Canvas, will elevate your print.

We currently offer Framed Canvas Prints with either a Classic Black, or an Oak frame in the sizes below. Our Framed Canvas prints are ideal in “no-glazing” settings - areas that are subject to condensation perhaps, or where glass is to be avoided for safety reasons.

Overall size Image size RSP
X Large
XX Large
XXX Large
A Framed Canvas Photo Print.
Frames are handmade to order.
Deep frames give a luxurious feel.
Ideal in 'no-glaze' settings.

A Note On Print Sizes

Image Size: Printed dimensions of the Photo or Map you have chosen. We quote here the dimensions of a Titled Print. Printing requirements dictate this will always be smaller than the overall size.
Overall Size: Dimensions from the left to the right and top to bottom of the very edges of the product. In the case of a Framed Print this is from one side of the outer edge of the frame to the other. In the case of a Mounted Print it is from one side of the outer edge of the mount to the other. On a Print Only product, it is the overall size of the piece of paper.

No watermarks or logos

Frith photographs are world renowned for their image quality. The originals were taken by professional photographers to Francis Frith's own very high standards. The result was photography of outstanding clarity, detail and composition.

A scanning camera.

The original archive negative or photograph print is digitised before being professionally adjusted to remove any creases or scratches. By using the very latest reproduction techniques we are able to retain the extraordinary clarity of the original, thereby revealing the maximum historical detail.

The marks that appears in photos on this website do not appear in the Prints that you buy.

We repeat, no logos or watermarks!

The marks and overlays are added to our photos online for copy-protection purposes only. So with the risk of repeating ourselves, but for clarity: you will see no logos or watermarks within any Frith Prints you buy.