Folded Sheet Maps

Whatever your reason for being interested in the past, these Historical Folded Sheet Maps will help make history come to life. Each one has been created by scanning historical Ordnance Survey maps from the 19th and early 20th centuries and then enlarging and combining them so that they match modern scales.

For each area these are available in 4 key series, the first three were published at different times between 1804 and 1926. The fourth series 'Past & Present' provides a snapshot of the area from four different periods, including the present day.

Prices from £14.99 to £69.99

Folded Sheet Maps

Choose from the following:

Old Series Maps

Taken from the first complete survey of the country in the age of the canal and the horse and cart that were first published between 1805 and 1874. The maps elegantly capture the final decades of an agrarian society that was soon to be over-run by new transport links, rapid population growth and urban expansion. Numerous features of the past still surround us, waiting to be re-discovered. These maps help point the way.

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Revised New Series Maps

Sepia-toned maps capturing the development of the Late Victorian railway era, created from Ordnance Survey and first published between 1896 and 1904. Whatever your reason for being interested in your area’s past, prepare to be entranced by these maps – enlarged and combined to match the present-day OS Landrangers, they will reveal secrets of a familiar landscape you never knew existed.

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Popular Edition Maps

Britain’s first full-colour maps showing the dawn of the motoring age, created from Ordnance Survey first published between 1919 and 1926. These Popular Edition maps show England and Wales on the threshold of great change, capturing the point at which the motor car began to define not only the landscape but also the way in which map-makers represented it.

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Past & Present Maps

A unique concept in historical mapping - four snapshots of the same area from four different periods from the early/mid 19th century to the present day on one sheet. Historical notes, details of the original maps used and web-links for local history societies and other sources of information are also provided. All in all, comparing the past with the present has never been easier!

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3-Map Boxed Sets

A set of three matching maps from three different periods, designed to appeal to anyone who wants to discover the hidden history of their local landscape. The maps are also directly comparable with the corresponding Ordnance Survey Landranger® and use the same sheet number and grid references, so enabling the past and the present to be compared with ease and accuracy. Individually, the maps are £14.99, so this wonderful gift set also gives a great saving.

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5-Map Boxed Sets

5-map Box Sets covering the cities of London, Liverpool and Edinburgh. Boxed set of five maps covering Edinburgh, Liverpool and London. Each comprises four 1:50,000 maps of the selected city and its surrounding area from four periods from 1805 to 1946, along with a more detailed 1:10,000 map of the city centre in the 19th century. Makes an excellent gift and offers a great saving over buying each sheet seperately.

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London Maps

Discover the landscape of London's past with a range of historical maps centred on the heart of Britain's capital city. Together these maps chart London's development between 1805 right up to the present day and feature high-quality reproductions of Ordnance Survey's stunning One-Inch maps, enlarged to 1:50,000.

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City Maps

Large-scale 1:10,000 city maps of Edinburgh and Liverpool from the 1850s allowing you to explore cities street by street. Fascinating, attractive and informative, these sheet maps provide countless insights into the history of these popular cities, revealing what has changed and what has stayed the same. The past is all around us, waiting to be rediscovered – these maps help point out the way!

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Scottish Maps

Our folded maps of Scotland are currently only available for Edinburgh and feature reprojections from the Scottish First Edition, Scottish Third Edition, Scottish Popular Edition and the Seventh Series.

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