Derby, From The Derwent 1896

Memories of Derby

I served my apprenticeship at Bennett&Sayers from 1964 to 1972, the scrap yard opposite was always called Frank Radfords, further up Nuns street [over the bridge] this was the original Samways for the highways,[now situated on Ashbourne road], the cotton mills were further down Nuns street, my Mother was born (...Read full memory)

My father had a scrap-yard in Nuns Street. It was right next to the bridge over Markeaton Brook. I remember always asking to be picked up so I could look over the bridge - I don't know why! Markeaton Brook was filled with old bed-steads and all sorts of rubbish in those days - but it always fascinated me.  There was an old (...Read full memory)

In 1948 I was living in the Midland Hotel, owned by British Railways. My father was the manager. The highlight of that year was the triumphal tour of the Australian cricket team, The Invincibles, captained by Don Bradman. The team stayed at the hotel when they played Derbyshire and I met some of them. (...Read full memory)

I've discovered, my great uncle, James Henry Inger, ran a bookselling shop at 22 Irongate around 1896, also a stall in the market hall selling books, magazines and prints.

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