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Caption for East Dereham, Market Place 1901: This is the time when Dereham was in its prime. Its market was thriving and very active; this photograph was probably taken just before the arrival of the livestock - boys always made their extra pocket money helping the farmers and drovers control their animals. The square and its side streets are full of fine old houses and shops, along with exceptional Georgian properties. The rector of St Nicholas's church became Bishop Bonner of London in the 16th century. He was a ruthless man, and involved himself in sentencing wrong-doers to be burned at the stake - especially Protestants.

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My maiden name was Marion Grange, I am now known as Marion Yallop. I used to go to Crown Road, Dereham school, where I finished my school days from there in 1968. I am trying to trace school class friends from when I was there; especially one which stands out (...Read full memory)

I can remember when I was 10 years old, walking down this road with another boy of the same age, his name was Arthur Bean and we were from the children's home on the Norwich road, the home was called Garfield House. I believe it is still there. We were both very happy on this particular Sunday afternoon, as we were allowed to (...Read full memory)

I can remember an amusing incident when I was about 4 years old. We lived in the heart of the country, there was no such thing as TV, radio or telephone, not much at all in the way of communication with the outside world, so unlike children of today, I was pretty naive. But I had heard someone mention something about putting (...Read full memory)

I stayed there in 1972-73 and then went to Sandy Lane childrens home while going to Northgate High school..Was anybody around then that we share stories :)

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