Old Maps of Derry Hill

Historic Maps of Derry Hill and the local area.

Memories of Derry Hill

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I did not live in Derry Hill, but rented a cottage there, Primrose Cottage, in 1990. I was introduced to Wiltshire in the 1980s by my husband's mother who had been based near Pewsey in the Land Army during the Second World War. When I first visited Wiltshire it was to visit Avebury and later to stay at Chisenbury (...Read full memory)

This hasn't changed at all. My friend Andy Moody and his family lived here in the 1970's. I went round nearly every day for a couple of years ...we were so into playing soldiers, we spent hours making forts and digging trenches, Andy had some great military memorabilia. When we grew up Andy joined the army and moved (...Read full memory)