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Caption for Disley, Market Street C1960: Right in the far north-eastern corner of the county, Disley straddles the busy A6. In fact, Disley has always been a roadside settlement: its existence goes back to a time when a Roman road came through here. The town also sits on the northern boundaries of the Peak District National Park and beside the estate at Lyme Park (perhaps best known these days for the lake Mr Darcy dived into in the TV version of 'Pride and Prejudice').

Memories of Disley

The primary school, on the hill at the far end of the street, had no kitchen facilites when I was there. School meals were prepared and served in St Mary's church hall, out of the photograph to the right. Every day we would be marched along the street in a long crocodile to have a our school dinner, and then marched back (...Read full memory)

When I went to the school we had our dinners in a room downstairs and heaven help you if you cheeked the dinner ladies. The Headmaster's son at the time, Michael Roe, did and he got a real telling off and probably the cane too! I also vividly remember standing at assembly waiting to hear the result of the 11+ exam. (...Read full memory)

I wasn't born in Disley. My Grandparents built a little wooden bungalow in a field owned by the Crabtree family. It was built before the war for holidays. Before that they had a big tent and all their family would go to stay. During the war my grandparents would take some of the kids from Salford ( where they lived) for a (...Read full memory)

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