Old Maps of Dittisham

Historic Maps of Dittisham and the local area.

Memories of Dittisham

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In Sept 1968 I and my five children arrived and fell in love Dittisham, just too late sadly to save the village school from closing. Eventually after renting first Dunedin Cottage and then Red Rose Cottage we were given a council house and lived there for the next 17 years. We have so many happy memories and all the children, (...Read full memory)

My family (Hall) took the lease out on Greenway Farm in the 1850's. I visited this, and Galmpton (3/4 of a mile away) which were Hall "haunts" for many years until the 1890's, when the family seems to have headed to 'all parts'. I would love to know why they left such a lovely area - was farming terrible (...Read full memory)