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Memories of Dochgarroch

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It is said that we all have a Guardian Angel, myself and my good friend Jimmy Fraser certainly had one 58 years ago. At a Hallowe'en party in the Dochgarroch hall in 1954 (I was 7 years old), it got a bit stuffy so I went outside for a breath of fresh air. It was a beautiful moonlit night and I strolled slowly over to (...Read full memory)

I started my schooling at Dochgarroch in 1952. There were two teachers, Miss Melville who taught the 5 to 8 year olds and the Headmistress who taught from 8 years old until we left to go to Secondary School. The Headmistress was Miss Mary MacFadyen, better known as Fadgie, she was a good teacher but very, very strict and (...Read full memory)