Old Maps of Dormansland

Historic Maps of Dormansland and the local area.

Memories of Dormansland

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My name is Don Davies, my sister Pam and I were evacuated to Dormansland, early in the war, to escape the anticipated bombing of Croydon, Surrey. We stayed with my uncle and aunt in the railway house at the station. My uncle was the general factotum of the station,from porter, ticket collector etc (...Read full memory)

I livedn and was bonn at 123 Hollowlane,D ormansland. Brother Andrew, mother Margaret, who was school teacher of Maths and Physics. My dad died when I was 10. His name was Arthur and he worked in East Grinstead and was also a Special Constable in Surrey. Mum emigrated with Andrew and I to New Zealand in 1971. (...Read full memory)