Old Maps of Dulverton

Historic Maps of Dulverton and the local area.

I was working at the Lion Grage then, Mr & Mrs Ros in the Tantivy. First thing in the morning I would go to Mr Ross for our fags (pay him on Friday - pay day), the garage then was open seven days a week for petrol (Esso), Sundays people were coming back off the moors and would fill with petrol. Go to the Tantivy for ice (...Read full memory)

My family lived in Dulverton in the 1950s. Both parents were hairdressers and we sold sweets and tobacco as well as drapery and ice cream from our shop on the High Street. We had the first chewing gum machine and you used an old penny to get chewing gum and every fourth coin got a double pack. My sister Pam and I (...Read full memory)