Dundee, The Tay Bridge And Hills Of Fife From Balgay Hill c.1945

Memories of Dundee

This photo will always be significant to me as we were  married in the castle on 10th of June 2006. It is a lovely setting with beautiful gardens.         

My memories of the area around the Castle are of fishing both off the pier and from the beach at the other side of the castle from this picture, it would have been around 1978/9 while I was still an apprentice at Timex and before I got my first car and was able to travel further afield. One of my ancestors has Broughty (...Read full memory)

My name then was Watson.  I used to live in Dudhope Crescent Road, which was opposite a small grave yard by Bell St, sadly no longer there.  My granny used to take to roll my easter egg down the hill near the swings.  In those days the castle did'nt look like this,  peacocks were in cages there.  You got a lovely (...Read full memory)

In relation to Reform Street and the city square on Friday/Saturday nights. We boys and our latest girlfriends (only if you had a car) used to meet and have a drag race either up Reform Street and back or a race from city square out under the rail bridge and back - obviously when the local bobbies were absent of course! I remember a (...Read full memory)

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