A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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This Really Jolts The Memory

A Memory of Dunstable.

Just to the left on the photo was a very small Tesco supermarket, it looked cheap and nasty and we avoided going in there at all costs. How things have changed! In the parade of shops on the left was a trendy gents clothes shop, Crosby's, I think. I know I spent a great deal of my hard earned cash in there. Further up on the left the road lead up to the Civic Hall. Before arriving at the hall was a record shop where another load of my hard earned cash would be spent. all those vinyl L.P's. They are still in my collection. Dunstable used to be a thriving shopping centre. Having visited in the last few years it has lost its buzz.

With thanks to Peter Humphrey for this memory of Dunstable

Added 09 March 2019


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I remember Crosby's well - and the rows I'd get into for buying their 'tat' as my folks called it. It was US style surfing tshirts at first, then mod outfits - I was the proud owner of a 'Norfolk Jacket' from there (don't ask!). The record shop on the way to 'the Civic' was Farmer's - I bought my first Beatles, Stones and Dylan LPs there and would wander the town with them under my arm, looking for kindred souls. On the right in the photo is the old post office, then the Union cinema. In 1965 I'd have been 13, round about the time I waited outside when 'Psycho' was being shown, begging random customers to sneak me in with them. I succeeded eventually but fled the place in fear mid-film. Further up on the left you can see the Sugar Loaf Hotel with its strange white 'sugar loaf' sign outside. I was back there a few years ago with a mate who still lives in Kensworth. We went into the supermarket that now stands where the Civic Hall was and spent some time figuring out that the stage on which David Gilmour, Bowie and Marc Bolan once stood had become an Asda deli counter...

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