Durham, The Castle 1892

Memories of Durham

Does anyone reacll the 'Tin School'? It was a primary school situated in Belmont, I went there in the early 1960's as we lived in Belmont. I recall the school was made of possibly corrugated iron and was on a crossroads or junction. Our family lived at various places around County Durham until 1966 when we moved South (...Read full memory)

Yes, I remember this street so well as a young boy, I lived up Crossgate at the Angel Inn then Claypath at The Wheatsheaf. I was Christened at St Margarets half way up Crossgate and went to school at The Blue Coat, then Wnney Hill Sec Mod ( Sadly I have just been informed it has been torn down for a housing (...Read full memory)

My mum was born in Brandon in 1910, one of 14 children. She sailed to Australia on the Vedic in 1926 and sadly never returned to Brandon. My son and I visited Brandon in 2010 and were disappointed to find that the street where she was born, Sunderland Street and surrounds is gone, replaced by a new housing estate. (...Read full memory)

I was born in Hallgarth Street in 1935 and christened in St. Oswalds Church along with my older sister Dorothy and all the Fox's. dads family were eight children all living in Hallgarth Street, Whinney Hill, New Elvet. James Henry Fox, Dads oldest brother I didn't meet. He died at the Somme on 1st (...Read full memory)

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