Durham, The Cathedral 1892

Memories of Durham

Yes, I remember this street so well as a young boy, I lived up Crossgate at the Angel Inn then Claypath at The Wheatsheaf. I was Christened at St Margarets half way up Crossgate and went to school at The Blue Coat, then Wnney Hill Sec Mod ( Sadly I have just been informed it has been torn down for a housing (...Read full memory)

The floats for the Rag Procession always lined up on Palace Green before setting out through Durham City and in 1956 - my final year - I went to see them as they were being judged. The 1st prize - a barrel of beer - was won by Bernard Gilpin Society on this occasion . The theme of the Rag was "TV or not TV" and (...Read full memory)

I was a pupil at the Tin School in Gilesgate Moor staring in 1954, leaving in 1961. It was at the crossroads of the road that now leads to Tesco, but opposite was the Durham District Services garage where my dad was a driver. I remember playing in the air raid shelters in the playing fields with the sausage (...Read full memory)

Does anyone reacll the 'Tin School'? It was a primary school situated in Belmont, I went there in the early 1960's as we lived in Belmont. I recall the school was made of possibly corrugated iron and was on a crossroads or junction. Our family lived at various places around County Durham until 1966 when we moved South (...Read full memory)

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