Durham, The Cathedral 1892

Memories of Durham

Does anyone reacll the 'Tin School'? It was a primary school situated in Belmont, I went there in the early 1960's as we lived in Belmont. I recall the school was made of possibly corrugated iron and was on a crossroads or junction. Our family lived at various places around County Durham until 1966 when we moved South (...Read full memory)

This is for Martyn Walker. I do remember the Tin School, but not in the 1960s however. I was a student there from 1941-1948. I just found this site by accident, it got me thinking about the Tin School. Then I came across your comments about it. So, I joined this site. It was, of course, partly during the war. In my (...Read full memory)

My paternal grandmother lived in Lovegreen Street and died when I was 11 years old. Her name was Hanley. She was 80+ when she died and had brought up 6 children in this tiny terraced cottage. I used to visit with my dad and do remember that there was a family with name of Loftus. The ferry was no longer in existence then (...Read full memory)

I am descended from Robert Lovegreen, a shoemaker in Framwellgate.  The Lovegreen family, and subsequently the Loftus family (Martin Loftus having married Margaret Lovegreen) ran the rowing boat ferry across the river wear from Framwellgate to the Sands.  This ferry ceased around the second world war. (...Read full memory)

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