Ealing, Haven Green c.1955

Memories of Ealing

I was born in Ealing in 1955, my parents lived in Raymond Avenue my Mum worked at the Town Hall.Later she worked at the White City dog track. I remember going to a big park,Gunnersbury in a huge old pram and I clearly recall the time I was lost on Ealing Broadway,I was soon returned to my poor Mum by a policeman!

I did go to the Les Wilde school but had more lessons at June Carlyle's class in a hall at Ealing Common.

All memories 1930 to 1980 of Ealing...see free site southallkowhere message board daily pages 31 photo boards

Hi, I am trying to find anyone who grew up in Ealing in the 1930s and knew of the Mastin family. My mother grew up there and lived there until she got married and moved to Middlesex where she changed her name to Schofield, I am just trying to find anyone who might have known them. Any information would be great no matter how small. My mum spoke fondly of Ealing. Thank you.

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