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My granddad, Charlie Reece, was a friend of Ernie Crump's (see Memory of Eardisley). They met In 1901-02 when Charlie and his brother moved from Ledbury to an orphanage in Eardisley, known as the Boys' Home. The Boys' Home was the big house immediately behind the pub sign on Frith's postcard of 'The Tram'. I believe (...Read full memory)

My uncle, Ernie Crump, grew up in Eardisley. He was orphanned in 1901 aged 5 and sent from London, to be brought up by a lady he referred to as 'Auntie'. Presumably he attended a local school, the 1911 Census records him as a 'page' in a big house in Tintagel, Cornwall. He served in the Royal Field Artillery in WWI, receiving (...Read full memory)