Old Maps of Earith

Historic Maps of Earith and the local area.

I was born in St Ives in 1939 but lived in Earith at what is now number 43. Next door was my Grandad's grocer's shop - Bert Russell. I moved to Peterborough in 1958 where I still live in Werrington Village. Earith was a good place to live - we had a main road, a good river for fishing and lots (...Read full memory)

Hi, my husband, Tony, was born in Cooks Drove, Earith, in the actual house that's still there to this day. After a year there he moved to St Ives but we now live in Bluntisham. All his sisters were born in Earith and his dad used to bike to over railway crossing where he worked as the guardsman and crossing guard. But (...Read full memory)