Old Maps of Earith

Historic Maps of Earith and the local area.

I was born in St Ives in 1939 but lived in Earith at what is now number 43. Next door was my Grandad's grocer's shop - Bert Russell. I moved to Peterborough in 1958 where I still live in Werrington Village. Earith was a good place to live - we had a main road, a good river for fishing and lots (...Read full memory)

In 1960 my father returned to England with the US Air Force, stationed in Alconbury. This was the first time he'd seen England again, having been shot down after taking off on a bombing mission in Germany, originating from a base in Bury St. Edmonds in 1943. He was a POW that escaped into France in 1944. In 1960 I (...Read full memory)