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Other Memories from Easdale

I remember visiting the island on holiday, living with my Auntie Katie, my father's sister who had remained on the island. Her two sons, Jerry and Andy, grew garden potatoes on the hill and we would sit down to a big bowl of them in the middle of the table and have a great feed on new garden potatoes and plenty of salt and butter and pepper! I remember running down from her cottage to the sea and skimming ...see more

                                                  THE SLATE ISLANDS                                                         By Walter Deas Some 24k (15 miles) south and west of Oban lies an area with interesting old villages, megalithic cairns, Iron Age forts, standing stones and castles. One heads south on the Oban - Lochgilphead Road, leaving this road at Kilninver, eventually reaching the Clachan ...see more

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