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Caption for East Dean, Old Forge 1921: Here we see a workplace with an open-air view; the craftsmen are taking a breather. Apparatus for wheelwrighting is nearby; there is an iron cone for forging circular iron rings, and a flat circular area for laying out wheels. The yoke hung on the front wall was used for draught animals, probably oxen. A tall white flagpole stands in the garden.

An extract from Villages of Sussex Photographic Memories.

Memories of East Dean

Throughout my childhood, my parents would take my brother and I on holiday to stay at The Old Parsonage in East Dean, and we visited so often that it became a second home to us. It was owned at that time, by an elderly and hospitable couple Mr and Mrs Ticehurst, who ran a lovely guest house with a pianola on which I (...Read full memory)

I went to the village school around 1936 to 1940. I believe the teacher's names were Miss Turk and Miss Murray. Miss Turk lived in the adjoining school house while Miss Murray travelled in from Pevensey. Empire day; the harmonium was carried out onto the green where a short service was held. I lived at Gayles in Friston and walked to school daily down through the twitten. Wonderful memories!

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