East Ham, North Circular Road c.1965

Memories of East Ham

I was born in Sutton Road, Plaistow (Plaster to us locals) in 1944 and from the age of 4 I was free to roam. Things were different then! Barking Road for all the shops, and the pubs. Rathbone Street market on a Saturday, when it was down Rathbone Street not on the Barking Road. Seeing all the stalls with food (...Read full memory)

I started work for Austin's of East ham in 1978, and work their other factories in barking I have done research on Austins as no one seems to know about the company now that were the largest joinery company in the country, they had a magazine in the 30s called Austin chips, in it tells of the founder of the (...Read full memory)

The photograph on Barking Road c1965 brought back some childhood memories. I was born in Dukes Court in 1955. I can remember the shops in the photo, the Fish & Chip shop, Johns the Greengrocer's, Walkers, Aflecks, the Dry Cleaners on the corner. Before the Fish & Chip shop was Pat & Ken's (Eagle sewing (...Read full memory)

I left East Ham behind around 1983 for Essex, my mother and father told me we were moving because East Ham was changing, becoming dirty and run down, I was devastated. Recently I have met up with old class mates after a search via Facebook, and memories have just come flooding back. The shack, West Ham (...Read full memory)

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