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Memories of East Horsley

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Picture #5. I spent my first years here(1941-1943) when it was owned by my mother's best friend Mimi Skidmore. My mother(Ceridwen Lesty) was an actress at the Farnham Playhouse.During the war they managed Thatchers as an officer's club for Americans. I used to have a picture of me on a tricycle in the backside of the house.

I was married at St Martin's Church on September 6th 1958, to Alan Haddrill. My maiden name was Crump and I lived in Surrey Gardens, Effingham Junction. The vicar was away so a replacement came from, I think, Clandon. He was late, and I arrived before he did! My father and I went in through a door at the front, under the (...Read full memory)