Old Maps of Eastleigh

Historic Maps of Eastleigh and the local area.

Yes, I remember this place very well. There was a fishpond just outside of the pavilion with koi and goldfish. Broken paving slabs were all around the perimeter of it, so that you could not fall in!! This was around 1960 ish and every Sunday about 4.00pm, on the other side of the building was room where we youngsters would (...Read full memory)

I remember a school colleague either at Chamberlayne Road or Peter Symonds (Winchester). His name was Tony Lawford, any relation to you please? I was born at 15 Factory Road in 1936 and lived there till I went up to London to work at New Scotland Yard, then 2 years National Service in Germany and Cyprus (leading up to the (...Read full memory)