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Caption for Eastleigh, High Street c1960: This photograph shows the shops on the other side of the street from E167019. On the comer (right) we have Delbridges. The nearest building on the right was originally Lloyds Bank. In 1914 it became a private school run by two ladies named Gamlen. In 1936 Barton's, seed merchants, moved here, but were eventually bought out by the Delbridge family; grandfather, son and grandson all served in the shop. It has now become Kentucky Fried Chicken. Note the Hants & Dorset bus; certainly no such traffic is allowed now in the one-way street.

An extract from Around Eastleigh including Chandler's Ford, Bishopstoke and Botley Living Memories.

Memories of Eastleigh, High Street c1960

I was born at 15 Factory Road in 1936 and left to work in London in 1954. I cannot recognise the shops in the High Street photo. 'Detective' tells me that the view must be from the Factory Road/High Street corner, looking down towards Leigh Road, I do not recall any trees in the street. The left hand corner (...Read full memory)

Reading the other memories I remembered a group of us watching - oh what was his name - an artistic painter, doing up the Chocolate Box opposite the Chamberlayne Arms on the corner of Blenheim Road and High Street, and we watched practically the whole day, fascinated by his art from chalk lines to fully paint shop name. (...Read full memory)

My Nan and Grandad lived near the corner of Chamberlayne Road and Bleinham Road - 108 Chamberlayne Road - Mr and Mrs Ayley. Grandad kept ferrets and racing pigeons in the back garden.

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