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Manchester Photographic Memories

Manchester Photographic Memories

The photo 'Eccles, Monton Green c1955' appears in this book.

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Caption for Eccles, Monton Green C1955: Monton had been a separate village until the incorporation of Eccles, when it was taken under the new council's wing. Monton Green is also the name of the road in our photograph. Behind the photographer is the very large Broadoak Park, home of the Worsley Golf Club; the short road leading to the clubhouse is called Stableford Avenue. Like the other areas of Eccles and Salford, Monton likes to keep its own identity. It still has some of the village feeling down Monton Road, the start of which we can just make out through the trees on the right.

An extract from Manchester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Eccles, Monton Green c1955

In 1950 the paths and green at Monton Green had been newly laid out as it exists today. The paths were red gravel and if you so much as scuffed your boots in the gravel there was a 'park keeper' to reprimand you. I had my photo taken at this time, just by the bush on the left, and in the background my father was sat on one (...Read full memory)

I lived on Parrin Lane in the early 1960s.  My parents had a shop that sold bags of coal and hardware and fancy goods - S & D Hodsons.

I went to St Catherines School prior to going to Australia. Have very fond memories as a child growing up in this area. I lived at 513 Barton Lane, and my Grandparents lived at 569 Barton Lane. Would love to correspond with anyone who lived here in this era.

Me & my brother both worked at Annie & Terry Smith's bakery as children, in the back making pies and bread from about five/six every Sat morning for years. It was a very busy place to work and Terry was a great bloke to work for, always trying to make you laugh with his bad gags & he used to be a goalkeeper for one (...Read full memory)

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