Memories of Eccles, New Barton Bridge c1965

Some of you would say how lucky you are remembering walking over the high level on its opening day.... but those of you that actualy know and remember me, will understand when I say.......I must have gone through a pair of shoes that day, let me put it this way, ever seen a stubborn dog that isnt going for (...Read full memory)

I remember being taken to Peel Green one Sunday, and witnessed the opening of the new bridge over the canal. On that day, the bridge was closed to all motor traffic, and thousands of people walked across it, quite a unique experience. Try doing it today! There was a carnival atmosphere about the whole day.

I lived in Eccles from 1939 until 1942 and went to Eccles Parish School. I lived in Evelin Street, off Salters Lane. There was a big gang of young kids inbetween the the houses. At Ladywell Hospital there was large reservoir - we spent hours in the summers taking turns rafting. My grandmother, owned a corner shop opposite the church on Salters Lane.

Hi, my name is Roy Mozley & I was born in 1948 in a prefab in Rydal Avenue, Winton. We then moved to Lambton St, Winton. This was our football pitch then, main problem was this guy who, lets say, used to visit a lady quite often in his bubble car and park it right in the middle of our street / football (...Read full memory)

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